Why Us?

You want owning your website to be simple. We make that happen.

With us on board: maintaining and operating a website is a breeze. We provide you a dedicated Appfunction developer who you can call anytime with requests or questions.

We walk you through the entire process of setting up your website, from registering your domain name to picking a drive service.

We'll design and build you a custom website that you'll be proud to show your friends and customers. We never use cookie-cutter templates. All our designs come complete with original icons, unique fonts, and sharp branding elements. Appfuction takes all the guess work out of building an online presence.

What sets up apart from the rest?

Everything we build is custom trailored around you.

We offer true all-in-one and à-la-carte solutions, including: custom website & eCommerce designs, email service, content management systems, responsive mobile layouts, search engine optimization, social media apps, and a wide assortment of developer resources.

After we build you a great website, we'll teach you how to update and modify your content.

If you need a feature added after the initial website build, we'll add it ... even if we didn't originally create it.

You aren't locked into working with just us. If you want or need a third party developer to be part of the project, we'll cooridinate the process.

Each member of Appfunction has over 12 years experience in the field of project management; including enterprise level management. As your project manager we'll coordinate with vendors and suppliers, such as IBM, Dell, Apple, UPS, FedEx, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp—to name a few, to ensure you always get the additional third party services you need at the best possible price.

Your budget is always important.

When it comes to Appfunction's prices, we're very flexible. Most of our products are built to spec. When we quote you a price everything is clearly outlined, there are no hidden costs. We'll do everything feasible to work within your budget.

Developers are important too!

Because coding is our bread and butter, we love developers. Appfunction can help you and your development team build anything you can imagine.

jQuery modules and plugins? Yep, we can build those. Library independent Javascript functions? No problem, we can even integrate them into proprietary frameworks and content management systems. Functions built atop Zend, Cake, Kohana, etc. frameworks? Yes indeed, we're PHP wizards.

Are you a developer looking for a production testing ground? We offer affordable dedicated drive services with full NIX access. A great place to test production backups or set up a development environment.